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This story is not about Catlin, but she is involved. For those that are interested in her story, it’s here.



In the days of yore and long ago, the goddess, Cat (short for Catlin), hurled a mighty hair ball into space. This rather wet, slimy hair ball eventually began orbiting around a sun, slowly becoming a beautiful planet which the gods called Earth.

Poseidon felt drawn to this planet and its large beds of water. He visited often and one day a beautiful dolphin, playing in the Pacific ocean caught his eye.

Poseidon, ruler of the waters, lover of fish, fell in love with this dolphin whose name was Wilma. He built her a grand reef castle and made Wilma his mate. Eventually a child was born, but by then Poseidon has tired of Wilma. And so, he took his little Willie to show his little Willie off to the other gods and goddesses.

That’s when the trouble started. The minute Catlin saw his little Willie, she wanted nothing more than to play with little Willie. She would bat at little Willie and tried so hard to get the little Willie to play with her. This caused Poseidon to worry about his little Willie’s safety and decided to to take his little Willie back to her mother in the Pacific Ocean.

There and together they raised Willie to become a beautiful mermaid.

To be continued….
The challenge was: Take a known Greek god/goddess or create a new one and tell us the story that created a child. The baby part’s very important because next week’s challenge will involve this baby. The child can be purely mortal, but in some way, a god/goddess should play into the story.


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