WWE, 12,18,13. Children’s Christmas Story, Under the Tree.

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Christmas was only a week away. All the other kids at school were off the wall with excitement.

But Liza was nervous. She had looked and looked, but just could not find a gift for her father.

She wanted it to be very special because he had just come home from the war front, and was in the hospital with a bunch of shrapnel in his legs. The doctor had said he would heal, but it would take a very long time.

One of the teachers had suggested she go to a hardware store and ask for help. So, that was where she was going now.

As she entered, her eyes grew wide with excitement. She saw just what she wanted!

Daddy had even talked about Swiss Army Knives, and how much he’d like one before he’d gotten on the ship, and she even had enough money for it!

She went over to the counter. The man looked down at her. “Well, what can I do for you?”

She led him over to the knives. “My daddy wants one of these, and I have the money to get it for him. He just got back from the Warn Front. would you get him a real good one? He can’t pick it out cause he’s in the hospital.”

The man looked at the knives and then unlocked the case. He picked out a good knife with all the extra blades, can opener, corkscrew, fingernail file and scissors on it.

He did not tell the child that it was twice the money listed on the sales placard. Taking it over to the cash register, he rang it up for the proper amount, put it in the bag with a note to the parents that he wished them a very Merry Christmas, thanked the father for his brave service, wished them many Happy New Years together, and had paid the rest of the bill without the child knowing.

He signed the note Sgt. George Thompson, retired.

After the little girl was gone, he slipped the other five dollars into the register.

His boss, who’d been standing nearby, murmured. “Well done, George.”

The salesman smiled. “I just have a small bullet wound, shrapnel is far worse.”

Liza’s mother read the note, then silently helped her daughter wrap the gift.

It went under the tree.

The next day, Liza’s mother went to the hardware store. She took a big bag of cookies and gave them to George. “I can’t thank you enough. Liza had looked all over town. She was getting frantic. You saved my child from a broken heart. She loves her dad very much.”

He showed her a picture of his family. He had a pretty brunette wife, and two small children.

“I know, I’ve been in your husbands place. Have a very Merry Christmas, and God bless you all.”


Sharon Pribble


We were to tell a children’s Christmas story./ WWE/ 12,18,13.


Merry Christmas, Gatherites.

God bless you, one and all.

Happy New Year

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