WWE, 12,26,13. This Christmas, Two Christmases.

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I am pretty blessed at Christmas.


First, I spend Christmas Eve every year with my cousin Arnette and her family. They come get me and take me home.

This year, her brother Butch and his wife picked me up. Normally Arnette’s daughter Cindy, or Cindy’s husband Jerome get me.

Butch and Suzie are fine, but their car is a mile off the ground for a short character like me. We got me in, but wrenched both my left shoulder and her back in the process. We decided they won’t do it next year. In case you wondered, Butch had three strokes a few years ago. He can’t help.

We had a lovely ham dinner, even old fashioned candied sweet potatoes. Everything was very good.

Then came the gift opening. Only one real gift opener, Sam is five years old. The rest of us just do cards. Watching a child open gifts is like nothing else. Their eyes light up, and the way they tear into presents is delightful.  He is a cute kid. Also pretty well behaved.

They just give me cash. They know I can use it.

Cindy’s sister Becky, and Jerome brought me home in Cindy’s new car. Jerome had to tell her what all the fancy buutons did.

Christmas Day.

My brother came up from Kelso, and Brian worked. He got time and a half. They had a great time yakking away about everything from politics to cars. I put in a few words here and there.

My crazy brother actually bought me a 47″ Smart TV. It is Samsung. Incredible. Brian will set it up tomorrow.

Brian left at 11:30 to go have Christmas with his girlfriend and her kids. My brother left at two PM to beat the worst of the traffic.

We had a great day.


Sharon Pribble

12,26,13. WWE. Christmas


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