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Our cats keep us busy and often saying to one or another “seriously do you have to do that”?

OJ has eyes for the ladies, the problem is one of the ladies DOESN’T have eyes for him, at least not in the way he’d like her to, Buddy can’t stand it if OJ gets within 2 feet of her and scowls and yowls. I often say to Buddy seriously do you really have to be so mean to him? Can’t you just defend your food and ignore OJ the rest of the time? Buddy doesn’t listen and has her hissy fits whether it’s meal time or not if OJ gets too close to her. She is about 7-8 years old and has no interest in men, least of all OJ who seems to think she should be his mate.

OJ is also a bottomless pit when it comes to food and attention, he is not a picky eater thankfully(unlike Buddy and Rascal which we’ll get to in a little while) OJ besides wolfing down his own food thinks he needs to go and stick his nose in Buddy’s plate whether she’s done or not. Buddy really has a BIG HISSY fit then!!

OJ though also likes to sniff noses through the screen door with Rascal my 2 1/2 year old cat. They love to sniff noses and any chance OJ gets he tries to sneak in the house which the few times that has happened Rascal sits on the washer or dryer and just watches like she’s not sure what to do about this male cat in the utility room looking at her and trying to figure out how he can get up where she is or convince her to come down.

Rascal and Buddy don’t get along at all! The few times we’ve allowed them to sniff through the screen door they both hissed and growled.

Rascal is named that for a very good reason, ever since she was brought home, rescued from a snow storm just before Christmas, her favorite thing to do is see how much mischief she can get into! Her middle name is Mischief, her nickname is Queen of Mischief. We often find ourselves asking in the middle of the night when the cabinet and cupboard doors are banging “seriously Rascal do you have to do that at this hour of the night when humans are trying to sleep”? Rascal doesn’t listen and only stops whatever mischief she’s getting into whether it’s knocking things off dressers and counters or making the cabinet and cupboard doors bang at some awful hour before dawn till she thinks the humans have either forgotten her or gone back to sleep.

If Rascal is really in the mood to be a middle of the night trouble maker then she makes sure to make things bang and bump extra loud just as we’re dozing off. My Dad sleeps so sound that unless he hears Mom yelling for Rascal to quit whatever she’s doing he doesn’t notice all the mischief she gets into until the next morning when us over tired humans fill him in on all the fun he missed out on. Even catnip toys and catnip can’t keep her out of trouble! But I love her anyway.

Buddy well, she doesn’t get into too much trouble, her biggest thing that makes us say “seriously Buddy” is her finicky appetite, she gets bored with her food or decides that she doesn’t want cold food heated up and prefers cold food, or just plain gets in a mood of I’m not touching that which leaves us guessing as to what to open for her that she will eat.

Rascal isn’t too finicky, she likes about 3 sometimes 4 flavors of Wellness cat food, and occasional samplings of whatever I’m feeding OJ and doesn’t seem to get bored except when she goes into heat and won’t hardly eat anything but the dry cat food.

OJ is the easiest to feed, we get 1 brand that has 6-8 flavors and just alternate what we give him at meal time, he will push the feeding limit and see how many times in one day he can get someone to feed him canned food. For the most part we try to stick to 3 feedings a day but lately it’s been more like 4 a day because he comes early in the morning around 7:30am for breakfast and then when Buddy comes around later in the morning around 9 or 10 he is wanting another feeding, then when Buddy comes for her 2nd meal of the day around 2 or 3 OJ gets fed again, so by the time Buddy decides she wants supper that will have made 4 feedings for OJ.

It’s easier to feed Buddy and OJ at the same time as much as possible so that he’ll leave Buddy alone for a few seconds before someone has to start brushing him to keep him away from Buddy.

OJ loves to be groomed, he loves a good stiff brush unlike Buddy and Rascal who don’t like the idea of being groomed. We have also used old brooms to brush him with and he also likes to play with them. Dad found an old tire brush in the garage that he cleaned up, and although the bristles are too worn out to use for tires anymore they can be used to brush OJ with, and OJ loves it, he rolls one way and then the next making sure that all sides get brushed.

Buddy we’ve discovered is terrified of brooms or anything resembling a broom so we’re careful when grooming OJ to keep the broom out of her line of sight.

Rascal thinks a broom is something that is to be stalked, chased and attacked, I found a baby brush at a yard sale once for a quarter and tried to use it on her but all she did was attack my hand, so I gave the brush to a local charity collecting baby items.

I love the cats and all their crazy quirks. We find little ways to spoil our feline children. To some people we’re crazy for having even 1 cat let alone having 3.

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