(WWE, 7/24/13, Rain) Rain and the Unexpected Overnight Visitor

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Rain and the Unexpected Overnight Visitor

by Heather L Campbell

July 24, 2012


I do have a true story to share from 32 years ago. We had moved to Texas. My older daughter was 8 years old and my older son was 7.  We had rented a 3 bedroom apartment on the second floor.

It was a fascinating place. Lots of different people from all different states and even different countries.  I learned a lot about Pakistan and their arranged marriage customs from my neighbors who lived downstairs from us. They told me they greatly loved their children would never make an arrangement without their children’s consent.

One day when I went to go to get our mail I noticed a husband arriving home in his loud pick up truck.  He had exited the truck. (I knew he lived on the second floor of  the building on other side of the parking lot directly across from ours.) I headed off to go around that apartment building.  As I got to the other side I saw  man I did not recognize from the neighborhood… sans his shirt jump out of a window of that same apartment to the ground.  In between the buildings where all the apartments faced each other with a common grassy area with a center sidewalk. He landed in the grass. What a quick exit!

One of my friends in the neighborhood invited me to a Tupperware party one night.(I met many of the mothers walking my children back and forth from their school.) Her husband worked for an oil company and she so missed her family back home. She had one child in school and  four children under the age of five at home. I  learned a lot about the family she missed when they moved to Texas as well as her Mormon religion.  At her party I agreed to have a Tupperware party at my home the next week.  My party went off without a hitch.

Then a day or two later I got a call from the Tupperware representative.  She said her babysitter canceled on her and she was stuck. Her son, she said was  around 2 years old.  I was fine with helping her so she wouldn’t have to cancel the party she needed to do. It would be fun to have her son John come over for the evening.

Neither of us knew that a big storm was heading in.  And what a storm that was.  The roads in the area flooded and she called me .. very upset that she could not come get John. The roads between where she was and we were, were now closed.  I told her not to worry, he could spend the night, to come for him when the roads were more navigable.

Imagine my surprise the next morning because it kept raining the parking lot was flooded. Her son  John was happy eating cereal with my children and watching cartoons.  He was a real sweetheart.

My husband got out his blow up raft and decided to see how well it floated in the parking lot. (He traveled up to Minnesota  for his work on Republic airlines  so often, He was not only able to get a raft but a few camping backpacks.)  He hadn’t had an occasion yet to try out the raft.

When we had gotten married the year before we had decided not to have children.  Our unexpected overnight visitor..did have an impact on us and not long after that night, we took a vote.  We voted on adding a new child to our then family of four..  :)  There were 3 votes for YES and one person who abstained from voting.  ME!

In the summer of 1982 my youngest son was born.  He was 11 pounds 1 ounce and 23 1/2 inches long.  I had decided on a natural birth and there was no one in the room more surprised at his size  than I was.

Indeed that night of a huge amount of rain, and our unexpected overnight visitor had resulted in a wonderful new addition to our family. No, we did not name him John… well not exactly “John” but his name does mean John… and it was more to name him after my husband whose first name is John. (My parents said to name the baby John if it was a boy… and my in-laws said, don’t name the baby John if it’s a boy.  So we didthat in a way that,  they both got what they wanted. *smiles*)

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