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Oxymoron ~ Dull Sharp

good grief
the results
were such a relief
but the biopsy was
pretty ugly
she’s thankful for
great health insurance
but forget medical privacy
the future is clearly obscure
the past is now old news
and she is clearly confused
with an infinite limit of choices


Make sure you put this (WWE, 9/11/13, Oxymoron) in your title.

Be sure to tag it with WWE, Gather Writing Essentials, Oxymoron (a bit silly as Gather’s search engine doesn’t work for me). Post to Gather Writing Essential.

Most important:

Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do and won’t think you’re crazy.

Challenge: Write anything you want, in any style you want, as long as it contains five or more oxymorons.

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