WWE Diva Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez Dating, Kiss at Lakers Game

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Former WWE diva Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez were recently sighted at the LA Lakers NBA game together. The two were quite cozy with one another and even were caught kissing in the pictures that have surfaced online.

The game took place Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, although all of the action wasn’t happening on the court. A photo captured shows A-Rod in a leather jacket and black shirt with jeans, wearing stylish hipster glasses. The photo shows blonde bombshell diva and model, Torrie Wilson, smooching with A-Rod from the seat next to him. Both of the celebs have drinks in hand as well at their court side seats, with Rodriguez appearing to give the “OK” sign to photographers, almost as if he’s rating the kissing skills of his diva girlfriend.

There had been speculation for weeks that A-Rod and Wilson may be dating, as they had met through mutual friends, Stacey Keibler and George Clooney. Not a bad way of networking for the WWE divas. Now the couple has taken the relationship to a much more public level, as seen by their smooching at the Lakers game. No word yet if A-Rod will get involved in WWE and hit someone with a baseball bat at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.

Also sighted next to Alex Rodriguez at the NBA game was model and entrepreneur Cindy Crawford. Several photos show the three of them engaged in conversation. Crawford posed nude for Playboy back in July of 1998, while Torrie Wilson in the magazine twice, once in 2003, and then again in 2004 with another diva, Sable. It must be a tough life for baseball star Alex Rodriguez to have broken up with the beautiful Cameron Diaz, and now be caught in a sandwich between two former Playboy models at a Lakers game!

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