WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Matches Show Wrestlemania 27 Spoilers?

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With the conclusion of last night’s episode of WWE Raw, pro wrestling fans learned of at least two WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 matches.  The problem though is that these matches seem to present some early Wrestlemania 27 spoilers.  Will this cause fans to turn sour and not order the major Pay-Per-View in April?

WWE’s Elimination Chamber event will take place this February 20, 2011.  According to PWTorch.com, last night’s Raw featured several situations which ended up making the matches for the Pay-Per-View.  The two matches which have been scheduled involve Jerry “The King” Lawler  facing The Miz for the WWE Championship, and a six wrestler Elimination Chamber match.  In that match, two wrestlers will begin the match, while the rest will remain in pods and be released in time intervals to compete in the match.  Wrestlers must be eliminated by pinfall or submission until one man remains.  The winner will become #1 contender for the WWE Championship and is likely to be in the main event match at Wrestlemania 27.

The six competitors in that 2011 Elimination Chamber match will be R-Truth, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Sheamus, John Morrison and John Cena.  With the way the story has been going, it appears Cena is on a collision course with The Miz at Wrestlemania 27.  Miz has cost Cena the 2011 Royal Rumble victory, and seems to be intimidated by Cena, considering him a threat to the WWE Championship.

So that would leave Jerry “The King” Lawler versus The Miz at Elimination Chamber 2011.  It seems more likely that Santino Marella would win a Royal Rumble than Jerry Lawler will win the championship in several weeks.  Most likely, the match will see involvement from Lawler’s commentary partner, Michael Cole.  Lawler’s not allowed to lay a finger on Cole, but expect the annoying mouth piece for the anonymous GM to cost Jerry the championship, again.

To recap, it would appear that some Wrestlemania 27 match spoilers have been revealed.  WWE seems to be setting up a feud between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole as well as John Cena for the WWE Championship.  Fans probably feel slightly cheated because who doesn’t expect the face wrestlers to triumph over the heels in both of these situations?

What do you think of these potential matches for Wrestlemania 27?  Do you expect someone besides John Cena to win the Elimination Chamber match?  Do you still plan to order Wrestlemania in April on Pay-Per-View?

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