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Stepping aside

Well, after well over two years as your Wednesday Gather Writing Essential editor, it’s time for me to step aside and let fresh blood, new ideas in. I’ve pretty much run out of ideas for prompts and challenges. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not leaving Gather; just leaving as editor.

Before leaving, I have many thanks I want to express (more than this column or you guys would want to hear). Still I thank Connie C. When she asked me if I would take this job on and I told her I wasn’t qualified, she said, “You write out loud.” I’ve learned since then that she has no concept of the word “no.” Connie, I love you and always will. Thank you.

When I posted my first challenge in 2011, I asked you to write a story that involved a fairy and an aphid. I don’t think a certain person was happy that I replaced her friend, so he/she commented that the aphid was a bit much. When my sister came to defend me, that person called Tan a not very nice name. Then another one commented, “Garbage, I’m out of here.” After that, a couple of interesting g-mails. Well, before I leave, I have this to say to that person, “Smiles… I sincerely thank you.” He/she was the one that put my stubborn streak in full gear.

I have learned so much, and been able to bring in writers that were more insecure in their writing as I was and still am. Perhaps I wasn’t a threat to them and they knew I wouldn’t belittle them. It’s been such a joy to see their writing and the writing of all of the rest of you. Then, of course…

Len, Doug and Greg, I know you haven’t left us, but I do miss you as editors. On the other hand, I am enjoying the new guys.

Kevin, your prompts and challenges not only come from the heart, but they are compelling, as is your Tattered and Torn short story (a story I enjoyed from beginning to end). You make a great Thursday editor.

Jules, I know you’ve been going through a bit of rough times, but I’ve enjoyed your past prompts and look forward to challenges from you this year.

Sharon, Monday, the start of a business week, is the day I want to dream. You’re now giving me this as a challenge. You are a wonderful addition.

Sarah, I’ve had many writers complain that they aren’t receiving the critique they need for improvement. You’re doing this. I know it takes time and you’re sticking your neck out, but I don’t just love what you’re doing, but admire you. Critique me any time—it’s great for me and for other writers. I wish more would do this, because a writer can’t possibly know what a reader actually reads.

All things must end, but a new beginning will begin. I will be looking forward to my replacement and plan to continue supporting every single editor, writer and friend.






New Year

 I Hereby Resolve, by Elsie Duggan






The New Year Hesitates (in verse & quatrains), by William Dotani



Doug WestbergJan 1, 2014, 3:27pm EST

Get a straight job.
Miss Dad.
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
See Anchorman 2.
Repair our (i.e. our landlord’s) in-ground sprinkler system.
Spend more time feeling sorry for myself.
Pine over the demise of Gather.
Start my own multi-level-marketing in-home demonstration business.
Watch less baseball and football.
Boycott WalMart.
Join a church.

*Evil burp*



Long Ago, by Sharon P.





William DotaniJan 3, 2014, 3:45am EST

My resolution delayed until January 3rd because I had the stomach flu. As I lied on the couch with pangs watching Martha Stewart, I thought about food and made a few resolutions.

1. I shall avoid all diet foods.
2. I shall eat more bacon.
3. I shall eat more beans to break the silence.
4. I shall seek justice without subjective bitterness.
5. I shall make efforts to get my affairs in order.
6. I shall try to be a better husband, parent and son.
7. I hope to join a Church, but f the service about politics or condemning other faiths, then I’ll know I’m not in a House of Worship and leave. I am a Fundamental Baptist with a Buddhist lifestyle of doubts.
8. I’ll try to be less reclusive, but my agoraphobia is a problem.
9. I’ll try to get my song catalog in order.
10. I’ll try to get my weight under 200 lbs. (I’m now 219).







And don’t forget Connie C.’s updates. It’s important that you post your link to her newsletter.


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