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I am about to turn 50 in a few months and my husband turns 60 in the summer. While we are nowhere near elderly I am anticipating a long walk. I want this for us. I want a long adventure with someone I love and share good memories of all our kids and grandchildren.  I want to be able to race our wheelchairs down the hall and wear matching velour track suits.  I want to remember I had a great life with him.

We didn’t find each other until we were middle aged –too late to have kids of our own. We enjoy the blended family that we have.  We have friends and a decent social life and are able to assist his elderly mom and take her places.

We enjoy the company of the other person and I can’t imagine taking the long walk with anyone else.

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Funny , entertaining, love to share my work and show off the grandson--can't help it. the boy is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

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