WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Spoilers and Predictions: HIAC Championship Matches

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As the Pay-Per-View approaches, WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 spoilers and predictions are being made by the minute. The upcoming event from WWE will feature John Cena and Mark Henry each putting their championships on the line in HIAC matches. Will these two reign supreme?

This past week’s WWE Raw Results told the stories for these two important championship matches, including more mayhem from Mark Henry, and Alberto Del Rio attacking his upcoming opponents inside the cell. With the recent Orton vs. Rhodes match on Smackdown, many feel that although Orton has shown his aggression, he won’t be reclaiming the World Championship against Henry. Henry has shown himself to be a dominant, menacing force and it would really devalue his first-ever championship reign to lose so fast. So expect Henry to win on Sunday.

As for John Cena, he’s got his hands full in his HIAC match. It’ll be the first-ever Triple Threat version of this match with CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio in the cell with Cena. That gives Cena a 1 in 3 shot of retaining, which he likely will. Switching the WWE Championship back and forth monthly makes the title seem less important than the United States Championship which is held for longer reigns. So even though fans may hate Cena, it seems smart to keep the title on him for the time being, even if Punk deserves it.

As for spoilers, the only possibilities seem to be that there is some sort of interference at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View. That would mean a return from fired superstars Kevin Nash, The Miz, and R-Truth, who some believe could be the new version of NWO. The problem is that these guys have something against the COO Triple H, who really isn’t scheduled to compete at the PPV. It’s always possible that they go after the “good guys,” John Cena and CM Punk, allowing Del Rio to get the win Sunday. Other returning superstars for Sunday could include Big Show or Kane if they decide to go after Mark Henry. Remember he put them both on the shelf months ago, so one would have to assume they’ll want revenge.

Who are your picks for the big WWE Hell in a Cell championship matches this Sunday? Will the current champions retain their titles?

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