WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Who Won the Ryback vs. CM Punk Championship Match?

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The WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 results have now been finalized with a major championship on the line in the main event. With the WWE title being contested inside the demonic, hellish cage structure, fans are wondering who won the Ryback vs. CM Punk match.

In this Hell in a Cell match, it seemed WWE had a real dilemma on its hands. On one side, they had CM Punk, the reigning champion for 343 days now. On the other hand, they had Ryback, a seriously “unstoppable” superstar who has been undefeated during his latest stint with WWE. So one of the two would have to lose the match, as Hell in a Cell matches can only be decided by a pinfall or submission inside the cage.

The match featured plenty of carnage and weaponry. Ryback didn’t use any weapons, but Punk certainly made use of what he could, including a fire extinguisher, steel chairs, and kendo stick. None of it was enough to shut down the hungry Ryback, who continued to withstand everything, and eventually had Punk ready for the big finish. With Punk on Ryback’s shoulders, it looked like the challenger would hit Shellshocked for the championship win.

However, a big surprise came as Ryback was about to do the move. The referee began to make some sort of gesture towards him to tell him to stop, then got down to the mat and hit a low blow on Ryback. With that, Ryback fell to the mat in pain, and Punk took a pinfall. The crooked referee counted a fast pinfall to give the win to Punk, keeping the WWE championship around his waist.

Ryback got retribution on both the referee and Punk post-match as he beat them up around the cage. The Pay-Per-View eventually ended with Ryback chasing Punk to the top of the Hell in a Cell cage and hitting his finishing move, before standing tall in front of the fans. By the way, for those wondering, the referee appeared to be the same guy who got chewed out by Punk and Heyman on Raw weeks ago as a “replacement official” who missed seeing Punk’s leg on the ropes during a pinfall John Cena scored.

Many fans are going to dislike the finish, but as mentioned, WWE didn’t have many ways to go with this. With this win, Punk’s title reign may technically have an asterisk next to this win, and it may also be a match eventually removed as a loss from Ryback’s record. That’s the best way to look at it, due to another Pay-Per-View title match ending with a “screwjob.” However, it’s going to be interesting to see where things go from here in terms of a rematch, or Ryback’s push.

WWE fans, what do you think of the way the CM Punk vs. Ryback championship match ended? Was this expected, or did you expect something else to happen? Will Ryback get a rematch?

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