WWE News and Rumors: Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE Raw, Slams John Cena (Video)

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The WWE news and rumors gave way to a huge comeback on the WWE Raw results for 04/02/12. Former MMA and UFC star Brock Lesnar made a return to WWE, and proceeded to make his presence felt with a F5 slam on John Cena.

File:Brock Lesnar in 2003.jpgLast night’s Raw results, featured an opening appearance by The Rock, where he vowed to win the WWE Championship at some point in the future. It also involved multiple chants of “YES!” and “Daniel Bryan” throughout the event. The closing segment brought the house down, when John Cena arrived to the ring to “man up” and accept that he lost to the better man, The Rock at Wrestlemania 28.

However, Cena called for The Rock to come out so he could shake his hand and congratulate him, but didn’t get Rock. Instead he got Brock, Lesnar. The Miami crowd went completely nuts as many might have expected and that was even with the news already circulating that Lesnar would be there. It made for a truly remarkable moment following the Wrestlemania held at the same venue.

After Brock Lesnar hit the ring, he extended a handshake to John Cena. However, that hand was to grab Cena and hoist him up into the F5. After several moments of posing with Cena on his shoulders, Brock delivered the signature move to leave Cena down on the mat.

That marks two nights that John Cena has put aside his ego and allowed a major WWE star to make a comeback against him. While Lesnar wasn’t wrestling, he most likely will be against John Cena in the future. The question is, will it be soon, like at the next Pay-Per-View, or will fans need to wait a year until Wrestlemania 29? Perhaps Brock vs. Rock for the WWE title next April?

What do you think of Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE Raw? When will Cena and Brock face off in the ring?

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