WWE News and Rumors: Chris Jericho Will Never Return to WWE Again?

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In the latest WWE news and rumors, former champion Chris Jericho has put an interesting tweet out on Twitter. Is it possible that the guy formerly known as “Y2J” will never return to a WWE ring again?

Chris Jericho is a former undisputed champion in the ranks of WWE, and is able to lay claim to the fact he defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock both on the same night. He’s also been a part of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” He left WWE abruptly, being written off the roster after getting his head kicked by Randy Orton. Now it appears that may have been Jericho’s last in-ring performance.

A report from Bleacher Report notes that Jericho has tweeted in the past day or so:

“Let me get something straight…I will never wrestle for the WWE again. But there is some big news coming up in the world of dance….”

The report also notes that Twitter followers have shown mixed emotions about this news. Jericho is currently 41, and as noted by BR’s report, he can leave the business healthy, while other guys have retired with severe and nagging injuries. Still, one has to wonder what the “big dance news” is about, and if Jericho’s love for professional wrestling will be too much for him to stay away from the squared circle. It’s possible the big dance news is he’ll be hired on as part of the “DWTS” crew, or maybe he’ll be starting his own show. Still, it would be great to see Jericho get back to wrestling and showcasing his excellent in-ring skills on the mic, trash talking opponents and the crowds!

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