WWE News and Rumors: Ryback vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29?

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The latest WWE news and rumors are focused on what exactly the plans are for Ryback. He’s been pushed lately, albeit mostly through squash matches, to have an unbeaten streak, and recently has crossed paths with CM Punk. While fans thought it was going to lead to a match soon with CM Punk, there’s now talk that it may never happen, and that it may end up being Ryback vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29.

The whole idea of Ryback vs. Punk has been teased on back-to-back episodes of Monday Night Raw, during which Ryback has crossed paths, or at least stared down the WWE champion twice now. However, the plans for this massive superstar might go differently than what most are expecting. A recent report from F4W Newsletter’s Bryan Alvarez suggests that Vince McMahon is big on the guy formerly known as Skip Sheffield from Nexus. Alvarez added that there may be no Punk vs. Ryback match happening until November or December, and then added:

“That match may not even happen as there has been discussion of doing Ryback vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania, and likely the stip would be streak vs. streak and it’s hard to do a Punk vs. Ryback feud without beating Ryback, particularly if Ryback isn’t in the WWE Title plans.”

Most fans and other wrestling analysts were thinking that it would be Brock Lesnar returning to face The Undertaker, as that would probably get a bigger draw. Lesnar was last seen defeating Triple H at SummerSlam, and Undertaker was last seen defeating Triple H at WrestleMania. The two also infamously crossed paths during a UFC event while Brock was still an MMA fighter, and that led to gossip about a future return for Brock to WWE to face Taker.

There are always ways to get around having Ryback not lose, yet not win the title, but that might just annoy fans. For example, he could win due to disqualification by Punk several times, and then Paul Heyman points out there was some tiny print in Punk’s contract they added so Ryback would have no more title shots. Of course the other idea would be to keep teasing Ryback vs. Punk now, and then have them competing at Wrestlemania 29, without the title involved. Most fans are expecting the title will be around The Rock’s waist for WM29, with John Cena getting another shot at “The Great One.”

That brings up Cena who continues to be the top star of WWE and when he’s gone, it makes it tough for WWE to do a whole lot. That could explain why they’ve got Ryback getting involved so much, because they really need to develop another “fan favorite” star right now for tough times like these. So quite possibly one day, Ryback will hold the WWE championship, but don’t expect it to happen in 2012.

What do you think WWE should do with Ryback and Punk? Should they have a feud to close out 2012? Should he face Undertaker at Wrestlemania?

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