WWE News and Rumors: The Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 28?

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The latest WWE news and rumors have given away to another potential blockbuster match for Wrestlemania 28. As of Monday’s episode of Raw, it appears Undertaker vs. Triple H will take place once again, as the Deadman has returned. “The Game” has yet to accept his request though.

One night after the Royal Rumble 2012 results, the latest Raw results saw Triple H return to the show as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WWE. His duty for the night was to give interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis a job performance review. It appeared the moment many fans were waiting for was about to happen: Triple H was about to fire Laurinaitis from the position. Instead, fans got another moment they had been waiting for: the return of The Undertaker.

During the main segment of WWE Raw, Undertaker interrupted the proceedings in the ring, to come down and motion towards the Wrestlemania 28 banner hanging in the rafters. He also gave his customary “throat slash” signal, to indicate he wanted another bout with Triple H. The two legends of the ring competed at Wrestlemania 27 with Taker winning the match, but leaving on a stretcher. Triple H managed to leave on his own two feet.

It seems that issue right there has fueled the Deadman to return to the ring and ask for a rematch. This had been the speculated situation for Taker as it was hinted at once before on Raw. However, what this leaves many fans wondering is, why wouldn’t Taker go after his destructive brother Kane? Who will Kane fight at Wrestlemania 28?

Regardless of those questions, Triple H vs. Undertaker should add to an already impressive Wrestlemania 28 card. True, there’s only one match on there right now, but it’s John Cena vs. The Rock. Many believe that Chris Jericho and CM Punk will fight for the WWE Championship as well. Those three matches right there should be enough to make this one of the biggest and most entertaining WWE Pay-Per-Views in recent memory. Now, Triple H just needs to accept the challenge, or Undertaker needs to “force his hand” a bit more.

What do you think of Undertaker vs. Triple H happening a second straight year at Wrestlemania? Can this match outdo the previous one? Will Triple H even accept the Undertaker’s challenge?

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