WWE News and Rumors: Will Goldberg & Ric Flair Return to WWE in 2012?

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The latest WWE news and rumors focuses on the possible comebacks for two legends in pro wrestling. One is the “Nature Boy,” and the other is the guy Ryback is evoking chants for right now. So will Goldberg and Ric Flair make a return to WWE in 2012?

Ric Flair - Wooooo.jpgFirst, the updates on both guys. Ric Flair had a recent release from TNA, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported:

“Flair has a non-compete clause in his release from TNA, but we’re not sure of the time frame. Even though WWE has said in court papers that they have no interest in Flair, Flair certainly seems to feel that at some point he’s winding up there.”

As for Goldberg, Bleacher Report notes, via Wrestling Inc, about his potential for WWE return:

“Bill Goldberg, who last competed for WWE in 2004, reportedly contacted Brock Lesnar about returning to the sports entertainment organization to work an angle with him. Lesnar, however, only has two major dates left on his current contract; Triple H at SummerSlam and whoever his WrestleMania XXIX opponent will be.”

In all honesty, these guys may be past their primes, but most diehard fans want to see them back again. Also, WWE is hurting in terms of its superstars and could use this sort of talent more than ever. Superstars are getting hurt or suspended left or right. Luckily, they’ve had guys like Jericho and Mysterio making comebacks, but others like Randy Orton are skating on thin ice. John Cena can’t shoulder the load forever, and Triple H has to wrestle here or there to appease the fans. That’s not to mention the once-a-year or so appearance by The Undertaker. Beyond that, their development of new stars seems to be lacking.

WWE is in need of guys to help make pushes or sell PPV’s. While it wouldn’t be expected that Flair would wrestle, he could be a great corner man, or even a great General Manager for Raw and/or Smackdown. Fans love him, and those who have attended live events know that his “Woo!” chants ring out even after the show’s have ended. That’s just how big Flair is in the business. Bringing him back would not hurt one bit.

Goldberg would also be a welcome addition. Right now, there is a guy, Ryback, who is being built up for who knows what purpose by WWE. It may be just to have Undertaker come back and pick up a huge win, or for some heel to emerge as dominant. Hopefully they are planning something better, and the weeks of Ryback squashing two amateurs won’t be wasted. That said, what if Goldberg were to come back and be in a match against Ryback, or even at Wrestlemania 2013 against Brock Lesnar? The fans would go wild for it, as WWE looks to make Wrestlemania 29 bigger than last year’s edition featuring John Cena vs. The Rock. How about a Triple Threat involving The Rock, Lesnar, and Goldberg for the WWE title? Wishful thinking, right?

Bottom line, WWE needs guys of this magnitude, because they certainly aren’t doing much with the newer talent they have. Ryback, Lord Tensai, and Brodus Clay were all built up, with no real game plan it seemed, other than to use them sparingly after all the hype. At least with Flair and Goldberg, fans would have something to get excited about again, and continue watching the TV shows.

Do you think Ric Flair and Goldberg will return to WWE? Would you like to see either or both back in the ring?

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