WWE News and Rumors: Will The Undertaker Return to WWE in 2012?

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The latest WWE news and rumors surround Mark Calaway, also known as “The Undertaker.” Fans are currently wondering if and when Taker will make a return to WWE in 2012. He was last seen at Wrestlemania this past year in an epic match against Triple H, but will he be back to Raw, Smackdown, or any WWE events this year?

The easy answer is “yes,” as it was recently reported by Wrestling Inc that Taker will be appearing at an FCW event on August 1st. That will take place in Tampa, Florida, at The Dallas Bull. While that’s not a WWE event, per se, it is an event with ties to the WWE. FCW is basically the training organization that prepares future talents for World Wrestling Entertainment.

With that in mind, Taker may be lending his expertise in wrestling to some of the future stars. His age and health status have made it tough for him to keep up with the full-time demands that WWE superstars currently deal with. However, WWE seems to enjoy saving his vitality and strength for one big event each year, with Wrestlemania. The question will be who will Taker’s next opponent be?

His previous two bouts with Triple H were classics. Some believe The Undertaker will ultimately retire with his “undefeated streak” intact, while others thing some wrestler may end it. One has to believe that Taker’s time is limited, and that either the Wrestlemania in 2013 or 2014 will be his grand finale. Will it be against someone like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, or another newer talent that needs to be put over?

Which opponents do you think Undertaker should face at Wrestlemania if he fights at the 2013 and 2014 editions?

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