WWE News and Rumors: Wrestlemania 28 Matches to Include Triple H vs. Undertaker

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The latest WWE news and rumors reveal at least three Wrestlemania 28 matches have now been scheduled for the event coming in just over a month. On the latest Raw results for 2/20/12, the Triple H vs. Undertaker match was finally set, with an interesting stipulation given by “The Game.”

On Monday’s WWE Raw results, The Undertaker made his return to the ring, wearing a dark hood to hide his hair, or lack of it. He spoke at length about the hell he’s been through after the beating he took during last year’s Wrestlemania. Taker may have won the match, but he still had to be taken away by medical staff from the ring. Due to this, the Deadman is unsatisfied with just a victory over Triple H and wants to do it all again. After all, Taker noted they are the end of the era and need to settle this for good.

Triple H tried his best on Raw to keep his cool as the COO of WWE, but in the end his rage and competitive spirit got the best of him. After Taker made comments referencing Shawn Michaels possibly being better than HHH, that was enough. Triple H got in Taker’s face and said he’s on for the match, but under one condition online. The Game added that they will finish this at Wrestlemania 28 in Hell in a Cell.

That now gives three official Wrestlemania 28 matches. One will pit John Cena vs. The Rock in a clash for the ages, while another has Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus. Now, Triple H and Undertaker will clash inside that demonic structure that both men have made famous over the years. Keep in mind, that Taker’s streak is once again on the line, but also it seems the careers of both men. Only one will emerge victorious at the end of this major matchup.

With this match now official, it seems like Wrestlemania 28 is shaping up to be one of the best editions of the Pay-Per-View in years. It should be expected as WWE spoilers and rumors have been circulating for weeks, that a Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk match for the WWE Championship will make the card that much more appealing.

Which of the four matches for Wrestlemania 28 are you looking forward to the most? Who will win the match between Triple H and The Undertaker?

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