WWE News – Chris Jericho and Gregory “Hurricane” Helms Arrested

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It’s like the good and bad news week for WWE fans. First the good. WWE received some good promotion when star John Cena appeared on USA Channel’s Psych in its mid-season premiere. Cena appeared as Juliet’s military/mercenary brother who was helping Shaun and Gus solve a case on a military base.

Now for the bad news. Early on Wednesday morning, before the episode of Psych even hit the air, two of the WWE’s other stars, Chris Jericho and Gregory “Hurricane” Helms, were arrested in Kentucky. Police were called to a gas station after receiving reports that the two wrestlers were fighting in a cab. Once there, they found that Helms had struck Jericho, as well as two other passengers, including a female.

The police found that both of the wrestlers were “extremely intoxicated” according to reports on TMZ. They couldn’t arrest Helms for fighting in the cab, as the three victims are declining to press charges so far, and Kentucky law requires charges to be pressed if the police don’t see the attack themselves, so instead, the two were arrested for being intoxicated. I’m sure Jericho, who appeared on the reality show Celebrity Duets, is appreciative that he got punched, then arrested, because of Helms. Will they take it out in the ring?

Interestingly enough, it’s Cena who seems to take his position as a role model more seriously. In a recent conference call, I asked him if he treats his fame with kids differently since he was making such an impression on kids. He replied in “today’s day and age, that isn’t taken quite seriously enough.” He thinks if you’re put in that position, you have to be that positive influence, and he tries to be that guy that so many people believe in.

It’s too bad not all the WWE stars feel the same way.

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