WWE News: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Host Wrestlemania 27

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In some major WWE news tonight, fans learned on the Raw television program that Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson will be the official host of Wrestlemania 27. This is surprising news for many after Rock’s hiatus from wrestling to star in motion pictures.

According to WWE Characters, The Rock was well received by the WWE fans in attendance at the Monday night TV show in Anaheim.  There was plenty of cheers and “Rocky” chants all over, before Johnson got on the mic saying “After 7 long years, finally, finally, finally, The Rock has come back to Anaheim.” Rock said he was finally back on Monday Night Raw, and therefore he was finally back “home.”

In a heartfelt moment, Dwayne Johnson also pulled off his shades saying he was back not for the money or to promote a new movie, but because of the fans.  He said all of his fans helped him accomplish his dreams since leaving WWE.  Rock said he would give his word that he is “never ever, going away.”  However, despite that speech, let it be known that Dwayne Johnson’s “Fast Five” arrives to theaters on April 29, 2011, not long after Wrestlemania 27.

In an interesting turn to the speech, The Rock mentioned the one WWE wrestler he is looking forward to seeing most at Wrestlemania 27.  That man is John Cena.  Johnson cut an interesting promo in which he talked about how Cena was talking trash on him after Rock left  WWE.  Rock also mocked Cena’s catch phrase, “You Can’t See Me” and made fun of Cena’s colorful wardrobe.  Could there be a confrontation coming between The Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania?  Or quite possibly, could The Rock end up being a special guest referee in a Cena vs. The Miz championship match?

WWE fans all over were sure to have received goose bumps over this appearance and this news.  The classic Rock speech gave most the chills and will likely inspire many to check out the April 3, 2011 Pay-Per-View.  The fact he name-dropped John Cena specifically creates quite a bit of intrigue and excitement.  If this doesn’t help with the Wrestlemania 27 buy rates, it’s likely that nothing will!

Wrestlemania 27 will take place April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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