WWE News & Rumors: The Rock, Undertaker & Stone Cold Returning to WWE Soon?

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Among the latest WWE news and rumors being reported are the possible returns of three major stars in pro wrestling. Reportedly, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are all potentially coming back to help WWE boost its ratings. So when might these stars from the Attitude Era possibly show up again to save the day for WWE?

According to a PWTorch report, Undertaker and Rock might both surface for the Royal Rumble. The Rock already appears to be a sure thing, as a while back on the 1,000th episode of Raw he announced he would face whoever was the WWE champion at the 2013 Royal Rumble. That show ended with a vicious attack by CM Punk on Rock, and that could be the big match that happens then.

As for The Undertaker, recent reports noted that he might come back at the Rumble as well, as a participant in the annual Royal Rumble match. The notion would be that as his career is winding down, he is getting one more chance to go for the major title at Wrestlemania. To do that, he’d need a win in the Rumble match, where the winner gets to choose which champion they face at Mania.

So how about Stone Cold? He was recently seen in a video along with Jim Ross and CM Punk in a sit-down interview regarding their respective “eras” of wrestling and the WWE 13 video game. The discussion became heated between Punk and Stone Cold, with teases of a possible meeting in the ring, but more of the discussion pointing towards fans playing out their match on the game. However, PWTorch’s report notes that WWE might bring Stone Cold back on television in an effort to push the game even more.

The Stone Cold vs. CM Punk match has not only been teased in that sit-down interview, but the fact Punk has made comments several times on Raw regarding Stone Cold. Calling out “The Rattlesnake” is almost a surefire way to get him coming after you with a “Stone Cold Stunner.” Don’t be surprised if Punk ends up getting one and a beer bath at some point in the near future, or at least a run-in with Stone Cold to add to all the run-ins he’s had with John Cena, Ryback, and Vince McMahon in the past few weeks.

It seems part of the plan is to help rescue ratings. WWE moved its Raw television to a 3-hour slot versus the 2-hour slot it had been doing for years with an occasional “special 3-hour Raw.” Most fans are sour on the idea of 3 hours seeing as it’s not filled with much more in terms of quality matches, but is mostly filler material including constant replays, and bad skits. Bringing past legends back is one way to try to get fans more interested, but developing some new talent and giving them a “push” in the right direction is an even better one.

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