WWE News: Strong Chance John Cena May Not Be Ready for Hell in a Cell

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WWE’s next PPV, Hell In A Cell is just a couple of weeks away. Both Bleacher Report and F4WOnline are reporting that John Cena’s recovery from shoulder surgery is not going as it was expected to, and that the company’s top man may not be ready to compete by the 28th of October when Hell In A Cell is scheduled to take place. The latest update is that John is recovering slowly and that it remains to be seen if he will be cleared to compete. The strong rumour is that it could be left to a “down to the wire” decision that could be made just days before the event, and this news doesn’t help WWE try to get momentum for the main event with just 2 weeks to go.

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It is expected that WWE may have a solid answer by Raw this Monday, but this latest update could hold that back for another week. You would have to think that World Wrestling Entertainment need at least a week to promote this match with a final decision as to who will actually compete, and if Cena is not fit, then who takes his place? The feeling seems to be that Ryback will slot into the match, and the rumour is already beginning to circulate about Cena potentially playing a guest referee role if he is not cleared to compete. The momentum that Ryback is currently riding is amazing, but is he really ready for a main event? That is a subject of much discussion with the WWE officials right now.

Also here is another point of interest. If John Cena is not ready for the match and doesn’t play any other kind of role, this would be his first match this year that he has not main evented.

If Cena isn’t ready, who should take on CM Punk inside the cell?

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