WWE Night of Champions 2012 Live Stream Online Match Brings Championship Contender

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A WWE Night of Champions 2012 live stream match will be held on Sunday evening, giving pro wrestling fans free viewing of a special championship contender match. The pre-show will be featured on YouTube in addition to other online services ahead of the main Pay-Per-View.

During the free Night of Champions live stream, there will be a special battle royal held to determine the #1 contender for Antonio Cesaro’s United States championship. The winner of that battle royal will go on to face Cesaro during the main Pay-Per-View which goes live after the pre-show. As of this report, it was unknown how many wrestlers would be in the match, or who they might be. However, there may have been a few revealed on Friday’s episode of Smackdown.

Antonio Cesaro was on Twitter to complain recently, and also cut a promo on Friday’s show during which he discussed how “outraged” he was at having his opponent chosen in this fashion. All that ranting brought out Tyson Kidd to the ring, who Aksana flirted with and Cesaro punched down. However, it also brought out Brodus Clay to the ring. Clay was able to gain the upper hand, knocking down Cesaro, while Kidd helped from the apron. Those two seem like safe bets for at least two participants in the battle royal.

Other guys who don’t have anything going on for the PPV include Ryback, Damien Sandow, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Alex Riley, Tensai, and Santino Marella. There had been some rumors that Christian might sneak into the mix, but after seeing him on Smackdown wearing a sling, that might be out of the question too.

So who will win the big battle royal and face Cesaro for the United States title on Sunday night? Is there any reason to believe Santino Marella won’t emerge victorious and get to do his Cobra routine on Sunday night, once again trying to resist Aksana? While it would be great to see someone like Ryback win and then defeat Cesaro after a month for his championship, that doesn’t seem as likely. If it’s not Santino, Zack Ryder or Brodus Clay seem like safe bets, especially if Ryback and Wade Barrett don’t compete in this match.

The special Night of Champions live streaming match will be on the 7:30PM EST pre-show on the WWE YouTube, Facebook and website. Who do you think will win the big battle royal to face Antonio Cesaro?

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