WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: John Cena to Now Miss 6 Weeks After Surgery

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After the WWE Night of Champions 2012 results were finished this past Sunday evening, John Cena didn’t appear to be in any danger of missing time from television or the Pay-Per-View lineup. However, recent reports of his elbow surgery and related rehab now have fans questioning what will happen at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.

Previously the Cena surgery timetable had him missing just 4 weeks time to rehabilitate his elbow after surgery. However, Cena updated the timetable on his Twitter, saying his doctor said 6 weeks is a safer recovery time. If this latest news is true, it means Cena would miss the Hell in a Cell 2012 Pay-Per-View, scheduled for late October.

However, there’s also the possibility its a “work,” as they say in the wrestling world. That would mean it’s a new angle involving Cena and his feud with CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Maybe Cena’s health would be in doubt on WWE, leaving fans to wonder if he’d make it to the big match. Punk could play the angle of “Cena won’t show up, so I’ll win by forfeit.” He’d played that up with Paul Heyman to make Cena seem like less of a contender, and Punk as “the best in the world.”

Cena is considered the top contender for the WWE title right now, so without Cena wrestling Punk at the next Pay-Per-View, it would make things tough. Punk and Cena had a brilliant main event in Boston last Sunday, so many fans are hoping for another bout, this time in the Hell in a Cell structure. If Cena really can’t go at the Pay-Per-View, it leads to big questions about who will replace him too.

Randy Orton is supposedly taking time off to film a sequel to Cena’s “12 Rounds” movie, and he’s also reportedly considering a heel turn again. Big Show has been absent from WWE lately, and was rumored to be starting a feud with the other major champion, Sheamus. Ryback might work, but he appears to have started something with The Miz. Triple H has basically retired, and Undertaker is usually gone until right before Wrestlemania. That doesn’t leave a lot of options.

One option would be to have a champion vs. champion style match, with no titles on the line, in which Sheamus battles CM Punk. The last time they were scheduled to go at it, Punk infamously walked out of the ring and left Raw, so there was no match. Another option would be Rey Mysterio. While he’s been tag teaming with Sin Cara and they were recently attacked by Prime Time Players, he’s really the only other big star WWE has right now.

WWE has limited options but at the same time, if Cena is truly out, it’s time to get extra creative. Putting Big Show in a main event with Punk would be a letdown, so fans can only hope WWE has something else in mind.

Who do you think should replace Cena at Hell in a Cell 2012 if he can’t face CM Punk for the title?

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