WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: Live Streaming Match Winner Decided Early

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The WWE Night of Champions 2012 results have started to come through, as a special match has been held for the big Pay-Per-View tonight. The match was part of a live streaming pre-show offered by WWE ahead of the main card, but it decided a wrestler who would appear in a championship match.

The latest Night of Champions results that were decided involved a big battle royal. Included in this event were sixteen superstars hungry for a title shot during a televised Pay-Per-View. The concept behind the match was that competitors had to try to eliminate others by tossing them over the top rope and out to the floor. The last one left in the ring would be the winner and become #1 contender for Antonio Cesaro’s United States Championship.

Among those in the match were former champion Santino Marella, Drew McIntyre, Prime Time Players, Brodus Clay, Justin Gabirel, Tyson Kidd, and Tensai. Heath Slater found himself the first elimination of the match after trying to impress his opponents with some bad dance moves. Other big spots saw Brodus Clay and Tesnai face to face and fighting. Brodus was actually dumped out of the ring, and it came down to Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, Prime Time Players, and Tensai. Surprisingly, PTP eliminated Santino. Zack Ryder managed to eliminated Titus O’Neil, but nearly was dumped out twice by Tensai. He survived both times and outlasted Tensai for the win.

Many fans expect that Antonio Cesaro is going to retain the United States Championship tonight, since his reign has been just a month now. He previously won the title at SummerSlam against Santino Marella and seems to be getting a decent push as of late with Aksana by his side. The surprise might have been that Santino did not win this match. Some may have been upset that Ryback was not an entry, after all the guy hasn’t lost in how long? Either way, Zack Ryder is a former champ and fan favorite, so he certainly provides a top-notch opponent for Cesaro tonight.

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