WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: New Champions Crowned and Match Changed

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As the WWE Night of Champions 2012 results continue, a few new champions have been crowned during the latest pro-wrestling Pay-Per-View. In addition, one of the scheduled championship matches was changed as the show went on live in Boston making for some surprises on the night.

The Night of Champions results so far have featured one title retained, as The Miz was able to successfully defend his Intercontinental Title against Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes. The finish was wild as it saw Sin Cara put a luchador mask on Miz’s face, blinding him. Moments later, The Miz bumped into Cody as he was trying to finish off Sin Cara. Miz unknowingly grabbed Rhodes and hit Skullcrushing Finale to get the win.

Another of tonight’s WWE match results involved Kane and Daniel Bryan, who have been trying to get along after feuding and going through anger management therapy. They got into several arguments during the match, but also helped save one another at several points. One spot saw Kofi trying for a Hurricanrana or other move on Kane from the corner. However, Bryan held one of Kane’s legs to prevent it. Moments later, Bryan went into a rage and shoved Kane off the corner, causing him to fly off the corner and land on top of Kofi for the big pin. That makes Kane and Bryan new tag team champions. Each guy kept yelling “I am the tag team champion” after the win, and it appeared they still aren’t quite on the same page.

There was also one championship match changed. Eve was summoned down a hallway where a trainer was attending to Kaitlyn. Apparently a “masked individual” attacked Kaitlyn and hit her leg, causing a severe sprain. Due to that, Kaitlyn was deemed unable to compete in the big title match against Layla. Later on, Eve met with Booker T and Teddy Long to ask what they should do. Eve was elated when Booker granted her the #1 contender’s spot for the Divas Championship.

So far, there’s been some good spots during the show, but no huge surprises. Many fans expected the Kane and Daniel Bryan win, as well as Miz retaining his title. What remains to be seen is what happens with the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Will Cena or Punk win, and will it be Del Rio, Sheamus, or Ziggler leaving as World Heavyweight champion?

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