WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results to be Commentated on by Jerry Lawler?

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The WWE Night of Champions 2012 results are just a few hours away, and many fans are continuing to wonder about the status of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Will Jerry Lawler be in attendance or a part of tonight’s event, or will someone else take his place?

Tonight’s Night of Champions results will feature all of the major titles in WWE on the line, and it’s been standard for the commentary team on Pay-Per-View events to include Jerry Lawler commentating on matches. However, The King recently suffered that health scare in Montreal during Raw, where he collapsed after suffering a heart attack. With that in mind, the WWE Universe continues to send thoughts and prayers for his recovery. It’s likely there may be some updates given about his status during the event, or they may even show a video from Lawler himself. Seeing Lawler actually at the event seems like a very unlikely event considering he needs to rest and recover.

Since Jerry probably won’t be there due to the obvious health reasons, he’ll be replaced by John Bradshaw Layfield, aka “JBL.” ProWrestling.net revealed the news from Lawler himself who said:

“Sorry I can’t be at Night Of Champions tonight, but I understand JBL will be taking my place. I wish him the best of luck!”

JBL is no stranger to the commentary position, as he’s worked on Smackdown in the past, so he’ll be a great fill-in at Night of Champions too. It appears that maybe JBL will now handle Lawler’s duties on Raw as well, unless WWE decides to go with Josh Matthews. They could always bring in Jim Ross as well, since most fans wouldn’t mind that either. Hearing The King back on commentary will definitely be a sound for sore ears, so the best is wished to Jerry Lawler for a speedy recovery.

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