WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: Who Won the John Cena vs. CM Punk Match?

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One of the biggest WWE Night of Champions 2012 results decided on Sunday night involved the WWE Championship. This feud had been brewing for weeks, with John Cena and CM Punk giving some heated promos on the mic. Now it was time to decide who was best on the night. So who won the John Cena vs. CM Punk match?

During these Night of Champions results, Punk was pretty much able to counter just about everything John Cena threw at him. Cena tried for several Five Knuckle Shuffle moves, but both times, Punk countered them to keep momentum out of Cena’s favor. Cena had the STF locked on a few times, but Punk fought out of those, too. However, Cena and Punk each traded finishing moves too, with each man kicking out of the other’s. Cena showed a major amount of resilience in the match, withstanding multiple GTS finishers from Punk along with a ton of other moves and pinfall attempts.

However, Cena looked to have withstood all that and captured the WWE championship too. In a final spot, he managed to slam Punk backwards from the corner to the mat, appearing to pin his shoulders. Cena’s music hit, and the crowd went wild thinking their hometown hero was the new champion. However, the referee’s decision was that both men’s shoulders were down, making it a draw. Cena asked the ref if they would really end it like that, and as he continued his pleas, Punk attacked by smashing him down with the WWE belt. Paul Heyman celebrated with Punk on the ramp as the ref checked on Cena down in the ring.

Many fans and analysts believed ahead of this Pay-per-View that CM Punk needed a big win in Boston over Cena to really solidify this current title reign. Punk was enjoying a 302-day reign, making for 10th all-time among WWE champions. That puts him up there with other greats including Superstar Billy Graham, John Cena, and Triple H. It was a much-needed win and appears like it will set up a future fight against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Many fans in the WWE Universe are likely pleased, although this one did seem predictable despite all the false finishes.

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