WWE NXT Diva Aloisa Fired & Kaitlyn Hired – Erotic Photos a Divas Double Standard?

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A recent WWE NXT firing of Aloisia and replacing her with Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) is drawing criticism due to the fact both have erotic photos floating around the net, yet one was fired for them and the other replaced her.  It appears to be a WWE Diva double standard making fans question WWE’s reasoning?  Or is it a work?

WWE NXT airs on SyFy every Tuesday night and seeks to find “the next breakout star.”  It’s run through two seasons already, just in 2010, and produced several stars from both seasons with Kaval and Wade Barrett being the winners.  Now in NXT Season 3, they’ve changed it up and have rookie divas competing.  These six women come from WWE’s minor league division of Florida Championship Wrestling and all aspire to be the next big WWE Diva.  Each of these rookies had a WWE professional wrestling mentor, and both the mentors and WWE fans vote in several weeks to eliminate a diva, or vote one up the ranks.

The interesting thing here is that a prospective diva was recently fired over erotic photos.  Her name is Aloisa aka “Isis the Amazon” and she’s a 6-foot-9 novelty for the women’s division.  There’s never been a female wrestler near her size since Chyna.  The WWE said the reason for the cut was due to some photos floating around.   She was sent back to FCW.   Apparently her photos were way too provocative and WWE canned her.  However, she was replaced by Celeste Bonin who goes by the name “Kaitlyn” on WWE NXT.  Recent photos have surfaced of Kaitlyn which are just as provocative, yet she’s still working in the majors and competing for a contract, so to speak.

It brings up the question of a WWE diva double standard.  They run all sorts of WWE diva photo shoots online to show off the divas in bikinis, lingerie, Halloween costumes and other risque outfits.  Yet for some reason Aloisa’s photos violated their standards, or they didn’t get provocative photos of her online first.  Either way, it makes you wonder why one rookie diva gets cut while the other replaces her.  Some have gone as far to say that looks play a part, as Aloisa might not win the contest against Kaitlyn.

However, there’s something fans may be missing here: the possibility this is another work.  Daniel Bryan, a contestant on Season 1, did not win, and was fired once he appeared in an attack situation on WWE Raw.  Despite the firing, Daniel Bryan returned as a surprise wrestler at a WWE Pay-Per-View and will now be competing for a title.  Could WWE have the same thing in store with Aloisa?  Will she resurface on the WWE NXT Season 3 finale to attack other divas and wrestlers?  It wouldn’t be far fetched by the WWE’s standards, whatever those may be…

What do you think was the real reason for WWE’s cut of Aloisa from NXT?  Company politics, a storyline in the making or the real reason they gave?

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