WWE Raw & NXT News – Viewers Choice Night puts fans in charge

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In WWE Raw news, the WWE Universe will have all the power on the night of Monday June 7, 2010. Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw on USA will not only be a special 3-hour show, but it will also involve the superstars of both Raw and Smackdown’s rosters. But wait there’s more, because YOU the fan will be able to choose the matches and stipulations for tonight’s live show! Tonight will be “Viewer’s Choice Night” and even though Bret Hart is GM and the A-Team cast is hosting, fans rule!


Tonight’s show has an official start time of 8PM EST / 7PM CT. It appears that as of that time, WWE.com will be flooded with fans looking to call the shots. As of right now, there’s no matches or stipulations listed but that’s likely to change as the show goes live. Expected to be on tonight’s program are all of the superstars of Raw and Smackdown, minus The Undertaker, who was recently knocked out of action. The “Viewers Choice Night” has never been done before on Raw, but has been used for the WWE’s annual PPV event known as “Cyber Sunday” where fans log on and choose the matches for the show. Also, Tuesday night will feature the beginning of Season 2 of WWE NXT. There’s already been a new breakout superstar crowned from Season 1, and the SyFy program will introduce the WWE Universe to 8 dynamic new rookies looking to make it big! So make sure to log on starting at 8PM EST at WWE.com. You can get more details about tonight’s WWE Viewers Choice Night here at WWE.com!

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