WWE Raw Preview 01/09/12: Chris Jericho Returns, What’s Next for Y2J?

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As WWE Raw SuperShow for 01/09/12 draws closer, many pro wrestling fans are wondering about Chris Jericho’s return to the show. As Y2J returned just last Monday night, fans were excited then left puzzled over what was going on.

Just today, WWE.com released an article on “Twelve to Watch in 2012,” and it’s no surprise that Chris Jericho made their list. He’s been one of those guys fans either love or hate, and has the combination of mic and in-ring skills that help other wrestlers look good. However, none of that was on display last week when he finally emerged on Raw.

Instead, Jericho did a lot of dancing and celebrating around the ring, basically encouraging the fans to keep cheering for his big return. He appeared ready to speak at one moment, then dropped the mic, or “pipe bomb,” as CM Punk calls it. Fans were left bewildered when Jericho said absolutely nothing and walked up the ramp all smiles, before going backstage. That was it for Y2J’s return, and once again it had fans loving or hating it. Give credit to WWE for at least keeping the fans on their toes and not giving them exactly what they want, just yet.

So what does it all mean? Will Jericho show off his Salsa and Tango dance moves on tonight’s Raw, or will he speak? Jericho has never been one to shy away from saying what’s on his mind, and that includes chastising the fans as “hypocrites.” It appears he was mocking the fans on last week’s show, and at one point, his posing jubilantly in front of the audience seemed to be aimed at CM Punk.

With that in mind, a Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk feud seems like a great idea. Two guys who love to speak their mind on the microphone and who have shown their skills in the ring. The question is whether or not Jericho and Punk will have the WWE Championship involved if and when they tangle at Wrestlemania 28. For that to happen, Punk will need to retain his title at the Royal Rumble in a few weeks, and Jericho will need to win the Rumble match. He seems like a smart choice right now, unless some other big name superstar returns and steals his spotlight.

WWE fans what do you think? Will tonight be when “Y2J” reveals what he’s back to claim? Which superstar or title will he be after, if any at all?

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