WWE Raw Results 10/1/12: Ryback vs. CM Punk at Hell in a Cell PPV?

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With last night’s WWE Raw results for the 10/1/12 show now official, Ryback once again crossed paths with WWE champion CM Punk. It’s been teased twice now in just the past two weeks, but will these confrontations lead to a future match for Ryback against the self-proclaimed “best in the world”?

WWE: Meat On the Table (Ryback)During the latest Raw results, Ryback was victorious early in the evening, although he suffered through two attempts to pick up Tensai for the Shellshock, and failed both times. The commentators did their best to hide the mistakes, claiming Tensai blocked it, but to avid wrestling fans, it was clearly a botched move. Ryback still won, using his huge clothesline to level Tensai for the pinfall.

Later in the evening, CM Punk decided to interrupt the appreciation ceremony for Oklahoma City’s own, Jim Ross. He told Ross he respected “the hell out of him,” but then tried to get good ol’ JR to tell everyone that he is “best in the world.” Ross wasn’t having it, which prompted an irate champion to demand he say it, and then threaten Ross with a fight in the ring. He also gave him the option to leave with his head down and walk backstage up the ramp to stop commentating for the night. Ross obliged, knowing full well that Punk would unload on him if he didn’t.

However, the big moment came as Ross got about halfway up the ramp. Ryback appeared from backstage to save the day, sending the crowd into a frenzy. He brought JR back to the ring with him, then got inside to give an intense stare down to CM Punk. Punk eventually backed away and left the ring, backing up the ramp to yell “I’m the best in the world!” as he held the title belt up high. Jim Ross was saved and able to return to commentary. Ryback didn’t say anything on the mic, it was the actions that spoke louder than words.

However, this has now been teased two consecutive weeks. For the most part, fans are expecting CM Punk to face John Cena at Hell in a Cell at the end of this month. However, Cena’s recovery time from surgery is questionable, as it could give him a quicker return, or have him sidelined longer. It’s always a waiting game based on what the doctors say. Quite possibly, WWE is teasing this as a possibility, just in case Cena is unable to go. However, they continue to sell Punk needing to decide if he will face Cena at the event to prove himself.

This would be their third straight PPV confrontation, as Punk continues his nearly one year reign as champion. They’ll need someone new besides Cena to get into the picture, unless they’re planning for Cena to win the title. Many fans believe CM Punk will still be champion, or regain the title, before Royal Rumble in January, and then finally lose the belt to The Rock there. So where would Ryback fit in?

It’s unfortunate that WWE is “teasing” fans with this. It makes for some exciting moments, but they really don’t have a whole lot of options. Top star The Undertaker usually returns for WrestleMania to defend his streak. Rey Mysterio is part of the tag team division. Shawn Michaels is retired, and Triple H might be. Randy Orton appears to be taking some time off for a straight-to-DVD movie he’s starring in. There seems to be plenty of heels, but not enough faces for WWE right now, and that’s why Ryback has been called upon. The question is when will WWE “feed him more” and finally give him a shot for the championship? It could just be a tease that never results in anything, or the next feud for CM Punk, so stay tuned.

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