WWE Raw Results 9/10/12: Jerry Lawler Collapses, Health Status Questioned

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On the WWE Raw results 9/10/12 edition, WWE commentator Jerry Lawler collapsed during the latest episode of the show. In a scary segment, his commentary colleague Michael Cole announced to fans that it was not part of the show’s entertainment.

Earlier during the latest Raw results, Lawler was involved in a tag team matchup with Randy Orton as his partner. The two teamed up to take on Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk, with Lawler getting a good bit of action in the match. At the age of 62, Lawler was still giving it a go in the ring, hitting standing dropkicks, suplexes and diving fist punches off the corner. Lawler and Orton won the match, although it was Orton hitting his RKO for the finish to give them the win. Still, Lawler’s involvement was rather heavy for the match.

Just weeks ago, Lawler fought in a steel cage match as voted on by the fans. He lost that match to CM Punk who viciously attacked him after the match, leading to Punk beating up on Lawler until John Cena rushed in for the save. So within the past 3 weeks, Lawler has seen considerable action in the ring at the age of 62.

During one segment, the camera showed commentator Michael Cole sitting at the commentary table alone, and then revealing that Lawler had indeed collapsed. Cole was visibly choked up over it and said CPR was being administered backstage. He reiterated that this was not a part of the entertainment aspect of the show.

The SpotLight Wrestling Fan page on Facebook had the following update moments ago:

“Jordan Robert Cruickshanks THANK YOU for this news: Someone tweeted “I’m 3rd row ringside. About 25 ft from Jerry The King Lawler. He grabbed his arm & collapsed. Security carried him away. His face was blue.”

It’s hoped that Lawler will be in good condition and able to return to the commentary position, as this certainly is a scary moment for everyone. The fact that Michael Cole was choked up over the news and didn’t commentate during the Sheamus vs. David Otunga match certainly makes this a moment that is not a part of the entertainment portion of Raw. Fans, please keep Jerry Lawler in your thoughts and prayers as more news is being revealed.

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