WWE Raw Results: Jerry Lawler Collapse Video Surfaces After Heart Attack

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As last night’s WWE Raw results had been decided, all sorts of rumors surrounding Jerry Lawler collapsing during the show began to pop up. Various wrestling sites eventually reported that Lawler had suffered a heart attack leading to his collapse. A recent YouTube video has also surfaced which captured the frantic moments as medical personnel attempted to get Lawler backstage via a stretcher while fans looked on.

The YouTube video seen below shows just how real, and how scary the situation was for fans. During the Daniel Bryan and Kane tag team match vs. the Prime Time Players, Lawler collapsed. In the video, the aftermath is shown as he is being put on a stretcher and then wheeled through the side crowd area, before they head backstage. It was smart on the part of WWE as they did not want to have Lawler’s terrifying health situation being broadcast on TV to fans.

Viewers can also see just how worried fans around the arena in Montreal were, as well as wrestler Titus O’Neil who is seen on the ring apron looking back at the situation. At one point a “Jerry” chant breaks out from the fans showing support, as Lawler is being wheeled through the crowd backstage. Earlier in the night, he had been a part of a tag team match along with Randy Orton as they faced Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk.

There are those who have tried to comment that the Jerry Lawler collapse and heart attack was all some sort of story, but with the incident picked up on major news outlets, it’s clearly not. That being said, it’s hoped that Jerry Lawler has a speedy recovery back to good health soon. He certainly has the WWE Universe keeping him in their thoughts and prayers.

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