WWE Raw Spoilers: Results for 11/5/12 Show Arrive from England

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The latest WWE Raw spoilers are already providing results for the 11/5/12 episode. The latest show is being taped in England and gets televised later in the evening on USA for the United States. Among the results were some major changes to the Survivor Series card, with one huge match being shifted completely.

According to WrestlingInc.com, the latest episode from Birmingham, England had several huge implications for WWE’s Pay-Per-View in November. Among them, were the complete overhaul of the traditional Survivor Series elimination match. The match originally had Team Foley vs. Team Punk, with Ryback on one team and Punk on the other. However, that has been completely changed.

Early in the show, The Miz complained to Paul Heyman about Punk ditching them in the ring last week as the Team Foley wrestlers dismantled them in the ring. Due to that, Miz told Heyman he was quitting Team Punk. Later on in the show, Team Punk became Team Without Punk though.

A key moment came when referee Brad Maddox was interviewed in the ring by Michael Cole. Maddox talked about how he screwed over Ryback during the Hell in a Cell match for the WWE title, saying he didn’t do it for Punk, but instead to make an impact. He asked for a WWE contract. Vince McMahon arrived out and told him he could have one, but only if he can defeat Ryback on next week’s show.

With that happening, Vince also made Vickie Guerrero create a huge Survivor Series matchup. CM Punk will now defend his WWE Championship against John Cena and Ryback in a Triple Threat. There had been previous worries that Punk wouldn’t be defending his title, but now that’s been laid to rest. Team Punk also changed to Team Ziggler, with Ziggler and Punk scheduled to face Ryback and Cena later in the show. It seems like this WWE Triple Threat match for Survivor Series gives Brad Maddox another way to go after Ryback and cost him the title, while Cena could lose due to the whole AJ scandal causing a distraction.

As of this report, the live show in England had yet to be completed, so it’s unknown who will take Ryback’s place on Team Foley at the Pay-Per-View. Ziggler hasn’t had a main feud lately besides John Cena to oppose him on the other Survivor Series squad. Not only that, but the whole idea for Team Foley was due to Mick Foley challenging CM Punk for this match. Now it seems to make less sense than before. WWE really has been shuffling its plans lately, making one wonder if they have a clue what is going to happen next themselves. At least it keeps everyone guessing, right?

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