WWE/ Resolutions Challenge, 1,1,14. Long Ago

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WWE, 1,1,14.

Long Ago


Long ago when I was young

And thought I could keep any vow

I resolved to do so many things

That I don’t try now.

I resolved to climb a mountain.

I did climb Mt. RAINIER.

I resolved to go to the moon.

Failed that wish.

I resolved to keep my hair short forever more.


I resolved to lose a lot of weight.

Kept that one twice.

Good thing I did not say keep it off.

Regained it both times.

I resolved once to never have a pet again

When my sweet little mini Schnauser died.

We all know I now have two cats.

Life would be so much lonlier without Apricot and Baby

So now a days, I make no silly vows at all.

Sharon Pribble

WWE, 1,1,14. Resolution Challenge, Long Ago.

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