WWE Rumors 2013: CM Punk vs. Undertaker Is not Punk’s WrestleMania Dream Match

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The latest WWE rumors of 2013 revolve around WrestleMania matches, particularly the big contest on the way between CM Punk and The Undertaker. In the match, Taker’s legendary undefeated streak is on the line. Surprisingly, in a recent interview, Punk said that Undertaker isn’t even his top choice for an opponent at WrestleMania, and talked about ending the streak.

A report from Wrestling Inc on March 30 talked about Punks interview with IGN in which he discussed multiple topics including the legendary streak. Punk talked about the importance of Undertaker being undefeated in his history of WrestleMania matches and just what it would mean to end that statistic, giving him the first-ever loss this year. Punk said:

“I mean, does anybody really think they have to break the streak? It’s one of those things. The streak is this monumental thing and I think everybody has these feelings of not wanting to see it broken, so therefore it should never be broken. But once that bell rings I don’t have a boss and nobody can tell me what to do. The guy who beats the streak is gonna go down as a legend. If I broke the streak, I’d be a legend. So it’s up to me to do everything I can to break it.”

Each year, it’s almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that the streak would live on. However, the WWE does a great job at setting up that notion that just maybe Taker’s latest opponent will do the unthinkable. They’ve once again planted that seed in the minds of WWE fans with CM Punk challenging him at WrestleMania 29. If any man can do it, it’s Punk, who had one of the longest WWE championship reigns in recent times.

However, when it comes to his choice for an ideal WrestleMania opponent, it isn’t The Undertaker, or Triple H, or even someone such as The Rock. Instead, Punk chooses two guys. He said in his interview:

“To be honest. I mean, I probably would have said, hell, at this point, John Cena. You know what I mean? Or, of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s always been my answer to that question over the last two years.”

Many fans feel that a CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin WrestleMania match is looming in the distance for WrestleMania 30. That would make for another epic confrontation, a lot like John Cena vs. The Rock. Of course, people might start wanting other big matches; including Cena vs. Stone Cold, but at this point it seems like Austin is going to be limited in how much he can do. He’s been mentioned in rumors as wanting a match with Punk, but only if he’s able to do it in a healthy manner.

It’s always interesting to hear wrestlers say who their dream opponents would be. Many fans are down on John Cena, but Punk and Cena have had some classic encounters in the ring. As much as Cena gets a lot of hate, he is able to help provide entertaining matches, even if Punk might carry quite a bit of the load. It’s those false finishes and their ability to get the fans invested in the outcomes that really helps sell the match that much more though!

With CM Punk set to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 29; many feel that it may be time for the streak to finally end, ending the career of Undertaker, and seriously pushing Punk up to the next level of classic wrestling star. Do you think CM Punk will defeat The Undertaker this year, or will “The Streak” live on after Mania?

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