WWE Rumors 2013: The Rock & Undertaker WrestleMania 29 Matches Causing Issues in Locker Room?

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New WWE rumors have arrived with regards to the 2013 returns of several “part-timer” wrestlers for WrestleMania 29 matches. That includes The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. None of these guys have wrestled in any significant matches heading into the big Pay-Per-View, yet they are the ones getting the top billing on the card. In fact, two of those three matches may close out the event on Sunday night, with speculation continuing over whether it will be Undertaker’s streak, or Rock’s title defense vs. Cena going last.

The WrestleMania 29 matches in question are John Cena vs. The Rock, CM Punk vs. The Undertaker, and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. All of these matches have special consequences or stipulations. Rock is defending the WWE title, Undertaker puts his undefeated streak at WrestleMania on the line, and Triple H’s career will end if he loses to Brock. However, of those superstars, only John Cena and CM Punk have really been wrestling over the past several weeks and months, while the other four wrestlers haven’t. So has that led to resentment in the locker room?

According to ProWrestling.net in an ESPN interview with Dolph Ziggler, it has. Ziggler, who could be involved in as many as two matches during the event, said when asked if there was resentment in the locker room over the part-timers booking for WM29:

“Yeah, of course there is, but that’s how it goes. When somebody is getting a lot of time on TV, a lot of people will start to resent them or think they’re better. But that’s how it goes. And you know what, I hate it, I hate that part-timers have to come back in order for us to have the biggest WrestleMania there is, but it’s also smart business.”

Ziggler added that the idea is to draw in more viewers with those matches, but ultimately his plan is to leave an impression he stole the show. Same could go for a match like Chris Jericho vs. Fandango, The Shield vs. Orton/Show/Sheamus, or Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio. Most fans expect that Punk vs. Taker or Brock vs. Triple H might take the prize though.

The saddest part of the card for this year’s WrestleMania lineup is that certain stars who deserve to be part of the main show aren’t. Names like Antonio Cesaro, Zack Ryder and Kofi Kingston come to mind. They could very well be added during the PPV, but right now, The Miz vs. Wade Barrett was put on the pre-show. This could again be a “smart business move” in order to give fans a reason to watch the pre-show, and then to try to lure them into buying the PPV for $50-$60. Still, one would think guys like Miz and Barrett deserve better than being live streamed online.

It makes sense that both fans and other wrestlers would resent the fact that Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar and Triple H are getting so much attention for this PPV, yet these guys haven’t really wrestled. When it comes down to it, WWE is a business, and Vince McMahon does what’s best for business, even if it’s not what the fans truly want. These matches definitely are headliners, but at what expense do they get top billing?

Which match do you think will end WrestleMania 29: Cena vs. Rock, Punk vs. Taker or Brock vs. Triple H?

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