WWE Rumors: Ryback vs. John Cena & Undertaker in Triple Threat at WrestleMania 29 Matches?

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Some new WWE rumors have arrived online thanks to the company’s official website regarding WrestleMania 29 matches. The pro wrestling site is running a new article with five possible dream matches for Mania, including Ryback vs. John Cena, and The Undertaker going against DX in a Triple Threat. Are any of these matches plausible or possible?

According to WWE.com, they have the “5 Most Wanted WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches” that fans would want to see in 2013. Included in these are The Rock N’ Sock Connection vs. Team Hell No, CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, and AJ Lee vs. Trish Stratus. It’s unknown where that divas match came from, but wouldn’t fans prefer to see Trish taking it to the current divas champion, Eve Torres, or going toe-to-toe with Kaitlyn, or even Beth Phoenix?

Aside from that divas match, the other two matches mentioned above are interesting possibilities, although a few things come into play. For one, most fans are expecting John Cena vs. The Rock part 2 at this upcoming WrestleMania. The idea is that CM Punk will somehow have the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble and The Rock will defeat him for that title. John Cena will either win the Rumble match, or an Elimination Chamber to become the #1 contender, and face Rock at Mania.

As for The Undertaker, his health issues are the key here. It’s been said before he has problems after hip replacement, and might not even work Wrestlemania. Fans could see him appear in the Royal Rumble, but in limited use. Otherwise, his status for the big Pay-Per-View in March-April is in doubt. Also, Shawn Michaels is retired, and Triple H “seems to be” retired, but will probably be back to fight another day.

That brings up CM Punk vs. Lesnar, and for that to happen, the two would have to be aligned with Paul Heyman and go at odds, or be put against each other by some other stipulation or tournament. However, looking at the three matches just mentioned, it really seems like WWE’s way of trying to confuse fans and take them away from the predictions that continue for a potential John Cena vs. The Rock title match, as well as Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

As for Ryback, CM Punk and Undertaker, that should be interesting to see where these three end up on the card. Fans are likely hoping to see these guys compete, but in what capacity and who will they face? Would Ryback and Punk go at it once again at Mania seeing as they might be available, or would they have different foes? Could Punk be inserted into a Triple Threat match for the WWE title with Cena and Rock?

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