WWE Rumors – Sting Coming for The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27?

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WWE and Sting could form one tough-to-beat connection come April 2011. That is if World Wrestling Entertainment is able to sign the TNA superstar in time for Wrestlemania 27.  Right now pro wrestling fans are buzzing about the potential deal and even speculating that “The Icon” could face “The Phenom” at the huge event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Right now Sting vs. Undertaker is in fact on pro wrestling fans’ minds after a strange ad seen this week.  Fans were first treated to the mysterious video on the WWE’s Raw television show this past Monday on USA.  It showed a dark, stormy scene with a mysterious figure, only from his lower coat and boots, walking into a small cabin-style house.  The promotional video ended with the date “2/21/11.”

Many fans instantly believed this was about The Undertaker, but others have been claiming its Sting.  However, Sting has yet to officially sign any deals with WWE, according to wrestling news sources.  The NY Daily News had published a small piece in its paper saying Sting had in fact signed.  It still could happen.

There’s even been some jokes made about this potential deal, such as the current WWE Raw wrestler, CM Punk, tweeting:

“Just talked to Sting. He’s fully on board as long as “that bastard” Summers has nothing to do with it.”

Punk’s tweet refers to the musician Sting, not the wrestler.  Still, Punk may be downplaying the rumor with fans just to make sure nobody catches on.  Or he’s hinting at the real deal.

If the real deal happens, fans are hoping and wishing for a Sting vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 27.  That sort of headlining event would be a huge draw.  WWE CEO Vince McMahon surely realizes this, and is offering very good money at Sting.  The question is, will Sting go for it?

Sting has never wrestled for the WWE although he used to wrestle for WCW, a company which Vince McMahon gobbled up.  A handful of its top stars are now top stars in WWE, including Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Big Show.  If Sting were to join WWE, it’s also rumored he would be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, something he is deserving of for his dedication to entertaining fans in the WCW.  If nothing else, he is owed that spot, regardless of whether or not he takes a match.

Do you think the WWE will be able to sign Sting?  Should he wrestle for WWE, or only be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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