WWE Star Jerry Lawler Collapsed on Raw: New Video Gives Heart Attack Update from Michael Cole

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When WWE star Jerry Lawler collapsed on Raw this past Monday night, things became quite real and quite frightening for pro wrestling fans watching the show. The serious tone of the show was delivered by Lawler’s co-host Michael Cole, who gave brief updates on his partner’s condition.

With a Lawler collapse video surfacing on YouTube recently, Michael Cole has also appeared in a new video, after going on “Fox & Friends” earlier. The good news that Cole relayed is that “Lawler’s vital signs were improving, and that his breathing tube was being removed today.” Those are certainly encouraging things to hear after Monday’s scare following Lawler wrestling in a tag team match and then collapsing nearly a half hour later while on commentary.

In the video posted at WrestlingInc and seen via YouTube below, Cole details to F&F some of what happened leading up to, during, and after Lawler passed out next to him at the commentary table. He indicates that at one point he heard Lawler snoring and thought it was actually an angle for the show. Lawler collapsed moments later, prompting Cole to mute his headset and call for help. During a commercial break when Lawler was rushed backstage, there was also a decision made to suspend all commentary for the rest of the WWE Raw TV show.

It was certainly an emotional and scary moment for fans all over the world who were watching Monday’s Raw. However, it had to be even more terrifying for Michael Cole. Many fans have hated on Cole’s character on the various shows, but in all reality, he is just as human as most other people. His reactions to the situation and delivery of the news updates must have been emotionally tough on him, as he was pulling for Jerry Lawler to keep fighting. So far it appears Lawler has been in stable condition and fans all over the world continue to send their support his way.

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