WWE Star Sheamus Says He Wants Undertaker At Wrestlemania

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Sheamus is a bit of a mixed bag in the WWE; some fans absolutely idolize him, whilst others sit in the “yeah he is good but not great” department. It has been a few months now since Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan in a record 18 seconds at Wrestlemania to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and since then, no wrestler in the company has really provided a solid “main event” calibre matchup, apart from Dolph Ziggler last month at No Way Out, who pushed the Irishman closer to the limit than anyone else had prior.

The dominant World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled to take on another wrestler with whom much questions and concerns about his long-term future surround, Alberto Del Rio. Heading into a PPV where Sheamus is expected to drop the title, he has had no issues dealing with the media, and he even went as far as saying, “he is ready for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXIX or XXX.”

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So its clear that in the future, Sheamus would like a crack at the famous “streak” of 20-0 that the Undertaker owns. The question is, though, will Sheamus ever get a shot at Undertaker? Fans have been calling for John Cena to have a go at the streak, and it is the opinion of many a person in the WWE Universe that Cena could be the man, perhaps the only man who Undertaker would consider taking the loss for. Sheamus is still relatively young in his career, just under five years of experience under his belt. Yes, Sheamus would be a credible challenger, but fans would have to question his ability to have a five-star match with Undertaker, a match which has almost become greater than Wrestlemania itself.

Is Sheamus at that level yet? Many of the WWE Universe would say not.

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