WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: Who Won the Triple Threat Championship Match?

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The WWE Survivor Series 2012 results are now completed from Indianapolis, with the Triple Threat championship match finishing out the show. Fans are now wondering who won that match for the WWE title: Ryback, John Cena, or current champ CM Punk?

The final Survivor Series results didn’t come without controversy in the WWE title match, once again. While the Pay-Per-View in October saw Ryback get duped by the referee to lose a Hell in a Cell title match to Punk, this time it was 3 mystery assailants costing Ryback during feeding time. Ryback had just managed to hit his finisher, Shell Shocked, on John Cena for the big win, when he was attacked by the three individuals, who then smashed him through a nearby table. With Cena knocked out from Ryback’s finishing move, CM Punk crawled over to make the winning pin and celebrated yet another win by the skin of his teeth.

That win extends Punk’s current title reign even more as one of the longest reigning WWE Champions in history. He will surpass Diesel at the #9 spot on the list of reigns, and now will go on 365-plus days as the champion. Other reigns above Punk include lengthy championship reigns by legends like Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan. It’s doubtful Punk will hold this title for more than any of those guys who have had 1,000 plus day reigns, but still this is an impressive feat in recent pro wrestling history.

Of note, John Cena won the WWE title back in 2006 and held it for 380 days, meaning Punk will be gunning for him next on the list. Most likely, WWE will have these two competing one-on-one at the next Pay-Per-View, TLC in December of 2012, before Punk, or Cena, heads to the Royal Rumble with the title and faces The Rock.

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