WWE TLC 2012 Live Stream Match Results

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The WWE TLC 2012 live stream match results have now been decided. This includes the latest update from Barclay’s Center Pay-Per-View held on Sunday, December 16, 2012 in Brooklyn, New York. The opening match involved the WWE divas in a Santa’s Helper Battle Royal with a championship opportunity up for grabs.

In the early WWE TLC live results, it was most of the WWE Divas roster competing in a battle royal. They wore various costumes to represent the Christmas holiday including antlers, and other red and white garb. Current divas champion, Eve Torres, watched the match from ringside on commentary. Among those in action were Layla, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Tamina Snuka, and Brodus Clay’s dancers, Cameron and Naomi.

The final competitors in the match came down to Tamina against Kaitlyn and surprisingly, Naomi. Naomi and Kaitlyn were former finalists on a season of NXT involving divas, which Kaitlyn won. As the match wore down, Tamina looked like she was about to eliminate Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn started to turn the tables. The two battle over the top rope with Naomi rushing over to push Tamina off the apron, eliminating her from the match.

A battle ensued between Kaitlyn and Naomi, with Naomi having an impressive leapfrog over her competitor early on. Kaitlyn seemed to be the favorite, but once she fell outside onto the apron, Eve was near the ringside area to strike her. That allowed Cameron to get a big dropkick which sent Kaitlyn flying off the apron to the floor. The surprise winner is Naomi, who now gets to face Eve during TLC PPV for the WWE Divas title.

The favorite here has to be Eve, although this could be a big surprise if Naomi gets the win. Is WWE possibly planning some sort of new push in the divas division? The win seems to come out of nowhere, but maybe the time is now for a new diva to step forward and lead the way!

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