WWE Undertaker dead – Smackdown results 06/04/10

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Have no fear fans of the WWE Undertaker! On the latest 06/04/10 episode of WWE Smackdown, they ran the latest storyline that The Undertaker is dead. The show opened with the General Manager Theodore Long reporting that Undertaker had been found in a “vegetative state” during this Memorial Day weekend. It wasn’t from one too many drinks at JR’s BBQ, but instead from a vicious, heinous attack. Who was responsible? That’s unknown right now, but it provided the backdrop for his brother Kane to become the inquisitor throughout the show.

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About 8 druid figures brought a coffin to ringside and set it up, then Kane emerged from backstage to give a eulogy of sorts, saying he didn’t expect we’d see his brother ever walk amongst them again. In the ring he delivered one of the more passionate, emotional speeches the Big Red Monster has spoken. Years ago he used to use a special device to speak, but now he’s very clear in his words. He would find whoever put his brother out of commission and make them suffer, in eternal damnation. From there, GM Teddy Long set up a Battle Royal involving every member of the Smackdown roster, except the guys who will be in the Fatal 4-Way World Title PPV match (Swagger, Punk, Big Show). Rey Mysterio won it, eliminating the final opponent, Kane.

Of course the question on your mind might be is Undertaker really dead? Can a Deadman die? Has he returned from death before? Most certainly. The true explanation for Undertaker’s “disappearing act” just one week after returning to Smackdown is due to injuries. According to Wrestling Observer, in Taker’s Fatal 4-Way qualifying match against Rey Mysterio last Friday, The Undertaker suffered a broken orbital bone, broken nose and concussion. That was enough to put him out of action and require time away from the WWE ring and the Fatal 4-Way Pay-Per-View. I don’t believe he is dead with WWE though, because it would be a very, very strange way to end a legendary career. As for who’s behind the attack, why not throw us the usual curve ball, WWE style, and make it his brother Kane, although we’ve seen these two in feuds many, many times before.

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Do you think this is the last we’ve seen of WWE’s Undertaker? Who do you think is responsible for the attack?

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