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The Little Piggy Called None, a Christmas story

None, the fourth youngest little piggy of a family of five built a straw house all by himself, hoping to have safety inside. Sadly, his other four brothers felt they could make themselves at home there. One would go shopping and share his roast beef with another. They were a greedy, whiny bunch, and they wouldn’t share with None.

None had worked so hard on his house, he lost a lot of weight, but he held his head up high this day—the day before Christmas. That eventful day brought the wolf, and knowing the wolf was coming, None tried to make his house more secure, but the brothers refused to help. At the time the wolf came, he was unsuccessfully trying to nail boards up to cover windows. That’s when the wolf huffed and puffed and blew his house down.

His four brothers ran and waddled away so fast, None didn’t realize they were gone. All he could hear was his little brother screaming, “wee, wee, wee.”  Left alone to face the wolf, his legs began to tremble in his hooves.

Upon eyeing the puny little piggy and realizing there wasn’t even a bite of meat on his bones, the wolf puffed. Huffing wasn’t needed—just a simple puff and None went flying in the smelly lobo winds, thinking, I guess pigs can fly.

Little None landed on the edge of a muddy, slippery burrow, and before he could balance himself, slipped down the hole and landed smack dab on the side of a badger that was in the middle of feeding her little badgerettes. Milk squirted everywhere. Her babies were mewling their unhappiness, but None was ecstatic.

As he slopped up the milk soaking into the ground, Mrs. Badger hungrily eyed him. Then she decided he needed to be fattened up a bit. She told the piglet, “You can have some of my milk. Come join my family and feed yourself.”

None had never tasted anything so good, so sweet, he pigged out. The Mrs. Badger invited him to snuggle in and get a good night’s rest. None, for once felt love.

When Christmas day came, all were surprised to see a steaming roast with all the trimmings sitting on a rock ledge. None felt sure he had made Santa happy and he would never again feel left out.

Mrs. Badger at that point was quite hungry, and when None invited her to enjoy the roast, she gratefully accepted, thinking, you will live another day.

And that’s the story of how the little pig survived at least through Christmas.


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