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Husband (looking down at his tight fitting jeans):  Sweetheart, it’s been over three hours and seventy five minutes.  Should I call… I mean, do I need… I think I should call….

Worried frightened wife:   No, my love.  There’s no time.  We need to take care of you right now.

Have you had your fix today?
Big V burger

Copyright 2012, Pam Brittain, all rights reserved.
Since I plan on sending this to the company I’m promoting (name not yet mentioned), I need help with format and grammar and anything else that comes to mind.  I realize it’s a spin off on their competitor.
Challenge: Write a story or poem about any product (consider calling it something like Brand X) and write a commercial to promote that product. You might also consider re-writing it for the specific product and sending it to the company you’re promoting.  If you receive a response from the company, please share it with us.


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