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Mind Control

I once went to a convention and joined in on the evening’s live entertainment.  I say I joined in because the entertainer was a hypnotist and I was one of the 10 victims that had been volunteered as good sports.  Not wanting to rain on the parade, I went along with the nine others, took seats on the stage (facing a rather large audience) and followed the hypnotist’s instructions.

“You’re getting sleepy.  You no longer can keep your eyes open.  Your eyes are closing.  You’re now in a deep trance and will do as I say.  When I snap my fingers, you will awake, feeling happy and refreshed.”  I looked around and did what the others did; finally slumping down with eyes closed and I heard a voice.  His voice, saying, “You may go back to the audience.”  He wasn’t very happy that I wasn’t under his control.

I watched with the rest of the audience as he instructed one of the ladies (a beautiful young, happy lady)  to pretend she was Marilyn Monroe.  The young woman immediately went into an internal struggle; as though another was trying to possess her body and she was fighting it.  It was obvious that she liked herself and had no desire to be anyone else.  She was stressed and fighting.  I never knew if this was a cruel joke or if the hypnotist did this without malintent, but he quickly realized his mistake and brought her out of the trance.  She woke, but looked like she was going to be sick.

He then proceeding to the other victims on stage and the rest of his act was funny.  He had a guy in the Indy 500s racing, another sailing.  My favorite one was what he did to a dear friend of mine.  He convinced her that money was falling from the sky and she’d be rich if she caught and stored this money.  At first, she caught the money and stuffed it down her bra.  It must have filled up because she started tossing it up her shirt (quite lady like).   She woke up feeling more than refreshed, but that entire evening, she continually adjusted her bra.

You probably know now what this challenge is about – mind control.  More to the point, after hypnosis, what path did that person take?  Did the money lady accumulate real wealth or did she spend her life savings at a casino?

You can be either the hypnotist having fun with people’s minds or the victim.  Tell us the story.


The Rules:

Keep in mind, this is a monitored group and there are only a couple of rules, which are:

Make sure you put this (WWE, 1/16/13, Mind Control) in your title.

Be sure to tag it with WWE, Gather Writing Essentials, Mind Control. Post to Gather Writing Essential.

I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Tuesday afternoon.

There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.

Most important:

Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do and won’t think you’re crazy.

Challenge: You are either a hypnotist having fun with people’s minds or you are the victim of a hypnotist’s whims.  What happened while under a trance and what happened after?


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