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It was recently pointed out to me that I should stick with topics I know for these challenges. It’s true – I’m ignorant about almost everything except foreclosures. Frankly I can’t imagine using that knowledge for a challenge. Fortunately, Daniel C. came to my rescue. He suggested a few topics that are perfect for a challenge. It could be sci-fi fiction or non-fiction. I think Daniel’s suggestion regarding modern Space department Projects is a great idea. Here’s what he wrote:

The Space Station, Manned Mission to Mars, expansion of the Hubble space telescope project, or planned missions near the Sun are all ongoing projects that might be topics to expand from.

Although I think we have much more space junk than we need in the upper atmosphere already, if they can send an exploratory mission near the Sun, perhaps they might send all that nuclear waste to be burned off in the natural reactor of the Sun. With the Japanese restarting their reactors even after the major disaster that could have rivaled Chernobyl of years ago in the scope of its “nuclear fog” passing over where people live and the rescue operations to shut down the reactor, it is beyond me how they plan for it all. Just Saying? Daniel

NASA has a great website at NASA

The Rules:

Keep in mind, this is a monitored group and there are only a couple of rules, which are:

Make sure you put this (WWE, 1/23/13, Space Projects) in your title.

Be sure to tag it with WWE, Gather Writing Essentials, Space Projects.Post to Gather Writing Essential.

I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Tuesday afternoon.

There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.

Most important:

Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do and won’t think you’re crazy.

Challenge:  Write either a story or poem, fiction or non-fiction about modern Space department Projects.


BELOW ARE RESPONSES TO PRIOR CHALLENGES – CHECK THEM OUT.  Please let me know if I missed anyone’s post and I’ll get it linked for next week.



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You may have noticed I’m posting this on Tuesday.  The reason is because Wednesday morning I have the office to worry about and somewhere in the world it must be Wednesday.


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